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We will sanitize and disinfect areas. We also offer bird nest removal. Your commercial or residential property are the places you expect to be safe or clean environments. Your business is your mainstay, and you want to present it well to others. That is why bird droppings, also known as guano, are such an annoyance. However, the problems they may cause go well beyond the fact that they are ugly and distracting.

Damage to Buildings

This usually applies to commercial buildings, but large amounts of droppings can cause corrosion on buildings. That is because guano is very acidic. Wherever you live in GTA, pigeons are common. Bird dropping clean-ups may be required on a regular basis.

Disease & Additional Health Hazards from Bird Droppings

You may know that pigeons are not the cleanest birds in the world, and there are so many in GTA that disease is a serious potentiality.
When bird droppings get into air conditioning systems, the bacteria may become airborne and spread throughout a house or building.
It is also recommended that no one try to clean up guano with bare hands so that they can avoid contamination of dangerous bacteria. There are some areas in GTA where birds such as starlings and sparrows are common. Cleaning up bird droppings is a necessity many people and businesses can’t afford to ignore.

Our Clean-Up Solutions for Your Commercial or Residential Property

If you live in GTA, you don’t have to worry about bird-dropping clean-ups. You can outsource cleaning up the mess to us. We have several ways to make sure that we not only get rid of bird droppings but also thoroughly clean the area. No matter how awful it was to start with, we can clean and sanitize it for you. We have two main ways to make the area as spotlessly clean as you could desire.
Power Washing (Also Known As Pressure Washing)
Strong Detergents
Proprietary chemical solution to kill bacteria
Power washing/pressure washing is the best way to get the droppings off of the surface and remove all traces. It is done with very high-pressure pumps, which are several times more powerful than a garden hose. We also have very strong detergents that will get rid of all of that nasty bacteria to make sure that your home or commercial building is a safe and healthy environment.

Check Out the Difference Our Optical Gel Solution Can Make Toward Bird Dropping Messes

The types of Pigeon Deterrents We Use On Your Residential & Commercial Properties

At Xtreme Controls , we pride ourselves on building custom Pigeon deterrent solutions to keep them away from your home or business
There are a number of different, humane solutions we can offer you. Each that may carry an advantage over the other depending on where the Pigeons are nesting and what size the flock is.


Bird Netting for Pigeons

This is a common deterrent we use to keep out large flocks. It’s also primarily used in places where entry/exit is a bit more complex. We have performed hundreds of commercial Pigeon netting projects with many of them being in large facilities.
The beauty of netting is that it will provide you with a complete defense system against any type of flying bird from intruding and nesting on your property.

Bird Spikes for Pigeons

Pigeons love nesting alongside your rooftops or window sills because the flat surface makes for an inviting place to be. This won’t be the case with our bird spike installations. Don’t worry, they don’t actually harm the Pigeons, they’ll just make landing along your property an unattractive idea.
We have installed Pigeon spikes along window sills, parapet walls, rooftop ledges, beams, girders, lights, towers, HVAC units, aerials, awnings, doors, entryways and much more.

Optical Bird Gel repellant

This visually appealing solution is the latest cutting-edge technology in bird repellant methods, we do commonly use bird gel in combination with other deterrents. It’s harmless to humans and birds alike. When birds attempt to land on your property, the disks appear as if they are on fire and flames. The birds get an immediate statement that they’re not welcome at said establishment.
It’s eco-friendly, non-corrosive to building materials, and is flexible enough to endure extremely hot and cold temperatures. This option comes with up to 4 years life span and 12 months warranty from Xtreme Controls.
There are several reasons why it is a good idea to call in the professionals, rather than try to do the work yourself.


you need to make sure that you stay safe and have as little exposure as possible to harmful bacteria. Especially if you have any kind of breathing problems like asthma, the lung diseases and other problems that may result could be deadly.


you probably don’t have the time. It takes a lot of time and effort to do the job right. We can do it for you quickly and efficiently.


the equipment and expertise involved call for professional services. You will need a special pressure washer that is industrial-grade, and you will need to know how to get rid of the droppings without making a bigger mess.
If you are tired of seeing unsightly bird droppings all over your property and would like to see that change, schedule professional cleanup today and get immediate relief for the problem. We serve the Entire GTA with bird droppings removal services. Contact us today for more information.

Bird Droppings Can Create Large Problems

Slip & Fall Hazard From Droppings
Health And Respiratory Issues
Infestation From Bird Mites & Other Pests

Bird Dropping Related Diseases

Histoplasmosis: Histoplasmosis Is A Disease Caused By A Fungus, Which Grows In Pigeon Droppings.
Cryptococcosis: Cryptococcosis Is Another Fungal Disease Associated With Pigeon Droppings.
Psittacosis Is A Rare Infectious Disease. When Bird Droppings Dry And Become, Airborne People May Inhale Them And Get Sick.

Bird Dropping Clean-Up Methods & Protocol

Disinfecting & Sanitizing
Power Washing & Pressure Washing
Nest Removing & Installation of spikes
Installation of cutting edge Optical Gel bird repellant


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