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Affordable Professional Mold Removal in GTA

At Xtreme controls , we take the cost, time, and stress out of the mold removal process. We rely on speed and precision to deliver long-term mold control to homes and offices in GTA . Our representatives can assess your indoor mold issues and take immediate steps to contain, clean up, and prevent active mold growth. We assist in restoring your indoor environment to a dry, mold free, and healthy state.

We typically complete remediation within 1 to 3 days. The products we use are Health Canada certified, high impact, and family friendly. These environmentally conscious products break down mold at a molecular level, without introducing chemicals or high-toxicity ingredients into your home. Our expert team works quickly but tactically to remove mold from indoor surfaces and from the air you breathe.

Why Choose Xtreme for your Mold Removal in GTA

Mold can surface within hours of a moisture event, Flood. Once its taken root, it can spread by infiltrating cracks, porous surfaces, and even indoor air.
With comprehensive mold removal from the experts at Xtreme Controls, you can minimize the damage caused by mold to indoor surfaces as well as to your health. We offer high-powered remediation in GTA that lasts long after we’re gone, using the following methods:

Robust containment procedures.

Right away, we can isolate any rooms that feature mold growth. Using negative air machines and vacuums with high-efficiency filter systems, we minimize any further spread or damage.

Fast-acting treatment strategies

We shape our remediation protocols based on the extent of mold growth we’ve discovered in your home. It means we can always be strategic, reducing any need for teardown or renovation.

Cleanup of airborne mold

Our proprietary treatment products feature plant-based enzymes that attack airborne and surface mold. In cleaning up mold, we improve the overall breathability of your indoors, too.

Restore drywall, carpet, wooden floors to original conditions

Our construction/ renovation partners can restore and patch, paint drywall any other contaminated surfaces at a fraction of market prices.
With Xtreme controls, mold removal is always preceded by a highly detailed mold inspection. Our experts comb any affected indoor areas, using powerful detection equipment, and moisture meters to identify mold and any environmental contributors to growth. We may even take air and surface extracts for further testing if needed.
We always investigate mold issues to their fullest extent, so we can administer expert remediation every time. Our team takes the same diligent approach to remediate and prevent mold in buildings throughout GTA and surrounding areas.
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