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Mold: This little four-letter word can strike fear in the heart of any GTA property owner or tenant. But mold problems do not necessarily mean the end of the world. Our skilled mold damage specialists offer complete mold remediation services throughout the Greater Toronto are area, and we can help assist you in eliminating your property’s mold problems.
Yes, mold is usually a serious issue, but our GTA mold removal specialists will work with you to provide affordable and effective mildew and mold remediation and cleanup. Let us help you make the mold removal process in your residence or place of business simple, cost-effective, and hassle-free. We also offer crawl space and attic mold removal. If you are looking to remove mold damage GTA, you have come to the right company!
Mold growth can cause safety and health problems for the residents of any property. That’s because almost all molds are dangerous, causing health conditions ranging from hypersensitive reactions to respiratory complications. Some types of toxic mold can also cause brain damage and, in extreme cases, death. If you suspect your property has a mold problem, you need to have it remediated by a professional mold removal technician immediately! Mold requires moisture and some source of food to grow — like paper, glue or wood, all things found in the ceilings, walls, floors and possessions in every home and commercial building in the country. Mold problems will build up anywhere with high enough humidity levels and/or flooding and water damage.

Attic Mold Removal

We provide fast and professional cleanup of your attic mold. We deploy the latest in mold cleanup technology to remove the mold in your attic efficiently. We offer reasonable, competitive inspection fees with free estimates for attic mold removal. The main causes of attic mold are leaks in the roof or skylights, poor ventilation and improper venting from the vents and/or pipes. In some instances, moist air will move throughout your home due to poor insulation and travel upwards through the ceiling into the attic. If you find mold in your attic or would prefer to have some assistance in detecting and inspecting for mold please feel free to contact us.

Residential and Commercial mold Remediation

Xtreme Controls Inc is an insured mold remediation company revolutionizing the way we clear your property of mold. With over a decade of service in the mold removal industry, we specialize in effective mold removal for both residential and commercial properties. Our team consists of trained, IICRC-certified professionals who believe in quality customer service for each of our clients and handle each mold removal process with care and compassion. We’re not only experts in the mold removal industry, but we’re also highly trained and certified to effectively locate and eliminate moisture sources the number one culprit in mold growth. Our team of certified professionals are committed to keep our community in residential and commercial properties a mold free environment.

Basement Mold removal and Moisture control

A large-scale mold outbreak can ruin your home and, most importantly, your health. Once an infestation starts in your basement walls, it poses a problem for a variety of reasons:
The hideous stains that begin filling up the walls and floor are horrible.
The odor ( VOC) caused by the mold spores can be hard to deal with and if left unattended, can quickly take over the whole house.
It can infect the nasal cavities and lungs and cause eye irritations.
It also slowly damages the home’s structure, eats away at the foundations, and weakens the overall structure of the building.


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What Causes Mold in a Basement?

The right breeding conditions are required for mold spores to grow and spread on your basement walls. The following situations can lead to mold growth:

Excess Moisture

Excess moisture due to condensation or leaking foundations creates the perfect mix of oxygen and moisture needed for mold growth. Condensation can also occur due to electrical appliances stored in the space or poor ventilation. The built-up condensation eventually creates a highly humid environment that encourages mold growth.


Leaks can occur due to burst piping or faulty foundations. Sometimes, this is due to aging and infrequent maintenance. Hydro-static pressure caused by a rise in the soil water table will also create a leak in the foundations – leading to basement leaks. Water heaters can also leak sometimes.


Flooding is one of the significant reasons for mold growth in the basement. Floods cause massive amounts of water to build up, leading to hydrostatic pressure. This, in turn, leads to leaks, moisture, and the resulting mold growth.

Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump pumps water out of the pit and away from your building. This keeps the basement dry and mold-free. If this pump is not correctly maintained, it will stop working correctly. This leads to water damage, the perfect environment for mold to grow.


We are a group of IICRC certified professionals with the goal of helping clients during Xtreme situations.


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